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At GMPG, we are always looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our team. We are a global labor company that specializes in connecting workers with opportunities across borders, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and support.

Open Positions


As a Recruiter, you will be responsible for sourcing, screening, and placing workers in job opportunities around the world. You will use your networking and communication skills to connect with workers and employers, and match the right workers with the right job.

Compliance Officer

As a Compliance Officer, you will be responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements and regulations related to labor exportation are met. This includes obtaining the necessary work permits and visas, as well as ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Employee Support Specialist

As an Employee Support Specialist, you will be responsible for providing ongoing support and assistance to our workers to ensure a smooth transition and to help them adapt to their new environment.

Logistics Coordinator

As a Logistics Coordinator, you will be responsible for arranging for transportation, accommodation, and other necessary arrangements for the worker's transition to the new country.

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